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Our new App, currently available free on the Apple App store, helps you to manage your management of medication, gathers ‘real time’ information on symptoms and passes these automatically via email to your clinician


To get to here you’ll have read or heard a lot about ADHD. And some of the things you know may confuse you. Let our leading experts help you to unravel all of that.

Many people ask us ‘What is your way of working?' and 'What happens in an assessment?'
These are valid questions.

We spend considerable time before your appointment with the information that we ask you to send to us, it’s specific data that helps us to start the assessment process. Prior to seeing any patients in clinic we will have invested time and expertise in ‘getting to know you’.

We are pleased to inform you that ADHD 360 is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Click the logo to learn more about what the Commission do to enhance health and social care in England.


Working alongside you?

We don’t make the claim that treating ADHD is “more than your diagnosis” lightly, we believe it.

If you are diagnosed with ADHD you need to be treated as well as is possible. That may mean medication, and if it does, making sure you get the best medication for you.

It may also mean that we can help you with family support, and advice, help working with school or an employer. We have an unparalleled team at ADHD360, and we work with you, your family and your friends to make sure your lifestyle starts to get better and better after your diagnosis. And we will stay in touch with you along the way.


Meet the ADHD 360 team

With over 50 years of experience and an excellent international reputation, we are proud of our team that will look after you.

Phil Anderton

ADHD expert, and PhD

Lisa Mangle

Adult and paediatric nurse

Jen Lewis-Neill

Mental health nurse

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