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Meet our team

With over 50 years of experience and an excellent international reputation, we are proud of our team that will look after you.

Jen Lewis-Neill

Jen Lewis-Neill is a qualified and experienced mental health nurse having qualified in 2006. She works as a specialist in both paediatric and adult ADHD. Jen has a lot of experience of setting up and delivering ADHD services, and she created two of the largest and most successful NHS ADHD services in the North West of England.

Jen is recognised within ADHD psychiatry as clinical expert especially regarding the design and clinical leadership of services. As an Independent Nurse Prescriber Jen specialises in the appropriate and safe use of medications for amongst other conditions, ADHD. She has a passion for making sure her patients get the right treatment at the right time and is an acclaimed expert in the use of medicines for ADHD.

Jen has worked nationally providing guidance for other doctors and nurses, delivering lectures on evidence based treatment and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) ADHD Guidelines. Jen was a member of the committee that delivered the recently updated ADHD Guideline and continues to work with NICE as a consultant for implementation advice and as a clinical advisor.
Jen has worked as a consultant for Edge Hill University, advising on module content for their Masters in Child Health and Wellbeing. Jen has a specialist interest in holistic approaches to wellbeing and a strong ethos on treating families; this comes from her training in family therapy and attachment while working as a specialist nurse in child and adolescent mental health teams.


Lisa Mangle

Lisa Mangle qualified as an adult and paediatric nurse in 1989 and has worked in the field of ADHD since 2002. For 10 years she was lead nurse in a nationally recognised ADHD service and was instrumental in supporting one of the first UK adult services developed.

Lisa led the national UK ADHD Nurse Network, providing education and supervision to ADHD Specialist Nurses from child, adolescent and adult services. Lisa was one of the first Non-Medical Prescribers in the field of ADHD which allowed her to develop a bespoke nurse-led service. Lisa believes treatment is only part of a care package, but it should be individualised and optimally prescribed.

Lisa is an expert in the field of pharmacology. She worked as a research nurse for 10 years, which developed her knowledge and understanding of how different medications work and why patients require their own unique programme of care and support. This established Lisa as a key opinion leader nationally and globally. Lisa has also worked as a consultant since 2002, offering expert advice and opinion to a range of services and companies. 

Since 2010 she has been instrumental in developing and delivering training nationally and globally. Lisa has provided supervision for experienced clinicians, ensuring that they provide appropriate care to children, young people and adults with ADHD. 


Phil Anderton

Phil Anderton specialises in designing and running services for ADHD, and he is responsible for designing a national standard for ADHD services and recently a new innovative model of care that involves GPs in patient care.

Phil first came into the ADHD ‘world’ in 2001 when he recognised and began to work with young people who were not getting the right treatment for their ADHD and as a consequence were not making the most of their lives. His book ‘The Tipping Points’ sold out in hard copy and is now only available on Amazon in electronic format.

Phil is a coach and mentor and advises national ADHD charities on all matters relating to ADHD. He delivers lectures and seminars on ADHD internationally, and he has published papers in the UK and abroad. He has coached senior managers in the retail sector, managed the development of graduate entrants into PwC’s consultancy business and trained senior leaders across the Middle East.

As a management consultant, and PhD, Phil is recognised globally as an expert in ADHD services, and he has been instrumental in ensuring that ADHD360 delivers the best service available.