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Payment Planning

Payment Planning

We have a simple message for you regarding paying for your healthcare. It should be affordable and value for money. So we offer you a payment plan, and the mechanics of this are the same whatever package you choose:

To enter our ADHD360 service, we require a non-refundable deposit of £170 to secure your assessment appointment. This deposit will be subtracted from the cost of your care package when that choice is made, and this is normally immediately after your assessment appointment. This prevents you from paying too much for a diagnostic assessment you may not need. If you don't appear to have ADHD why pay for a thorough assessment?
We work hard to ensure that the patients we see in clinic are likely to have ADHD, if we don’t think that we would cancel the appointment and refund the £170.

Once you have had an assessment, and if you receive a diagnosis, we will work with you to create your treatment plan and offer you the support from us that we all agree you need, that may be medication, it may be on other forms of support, or it may be both. We will then ask for the final payment of your package costs to start that plan. We can be flexible with those payments if that makes life easier for you. We also accept all major credit and debit cards.

* If you decide to pay for your selected plan in full at the time of your assessment then you will qualify for a 10% discount.
** We must stress that the costs of prescribed medicines are not included in our costs, these are paid at the pharmacy. Please note that during the first 2 or 3 three months of treatment, whilst we ensure that your treatment plan is as good for you as possible, you will be receiving private prescriptions that do not attract the subsidised rate of an NHS prescription.   

Care Package Information

Our care is offered in packages, we don’t believe in charging you every time you come to clinic or speak to us. To do so can prevent you from contacting us, and it can make us think twice about contacting you, it doesn’t provide for the right peace of mind.
And paying for individual interventions isn’t cost effective for you. This way you can budget effectvely. We want you to have the very best treatment at an affordable price.
Each of our treatment packages give you assessment, diagnosis and treatment for your first full year with us. This includes all your follow up appointments whilst we gauge and amend your treatment requirements, as well as your six and twelve month reviews of progress.

ADHD 360 only assess people face to face in clinics. We set the highest of clinical standards, and for us, that includes getting to know you and assessing you thoroughly.
Initially we will have quite an intense period of contact with you and then as treatment settles down, we anticipate those becoming less. We will see you face to face when the need arises and review your care over the phone or using Skype to cut down your travelling and abstractions from school or work.

We will work with your GP to help them prescribe your medicines as soon as we have your treatment stable and optimised. We do this in a way that exceeds the national requirements, and we write to them regularly and offer them support as they share your care with us.   

Platinum (£1,100) discounted to £1,000 if paid in full on diagnosis

Additional Benefits

This package provides email contact with your clinician, and you will also receive up to 2 hrs of additional interventions (e.g. coaching, training for the family environment, support with an employer, or school / university). This can prove to be vital as you enter a new lifestyle with new needs.


Silver* (£700)
discounted to £600 if paid in full on diagnosis

We have developed the Silver Plan to provide a service for people who are struggling without work, with family pressures and do not have a disposable income that would normally allow for private medicine.

We are prepared to make a loss on the delivery of this package of care to help people with ADHD who may be on benefits or financially having hardship. We apply quite a strict set of criteria to applicants for this package, please feel free to discuss in confidence if you qualify for this assistance.

* We pride ourselves on the level of care and support we provide our patients and their families. Please note that we cannot offer our full level of care and support on the silver package.