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This is what our patients say

"Thank you so much for showing us the light in relation to ADHD and the treatment necessary to give our 7 year old son the best chance at living a great life. Before Phil and the ADHD360 team came into our lives we were lost in google information, other parents dealings with the condition and poor NHS support and knowledge. We did not want to medicate our son as we were concerned with the side affects and making him a 'zombie'. We had the confidence following initial discussions with Phil and the consultation with the specialist nurses to embrace the medication. The ease of contact is absolutely crucial as you cannot loose weeks and months waiting for NHS appointments. We are now getting to know our son and not just our son with ADHD. So grateful."

Parent of a 7 year old

“Had a fantastic meeting with school on Friday. Matthew has made leaps and bounds since being on meds. He will as of Monday have no measure in place that are different from other kids.”


“I don’t have a lot of money at all, but I am glad I spent what I had on me, it was well worth it and I’m earning more now and much happier anyway!”

Aged 48

“We are incredibly impressed with his progress and cannot thank the 360 team enough for their professional and efficient approach to a very challenging situation”

Parent of a 9 year old

Quite a day and you were right, Jen was delightful and the perfect match for Meg. We feel in very safe hands. As for Meg, what a relief to have an expert recognise her problems and reassure her that she isn’t just a useless human being which is something she was increasingly feeling.
Again thank you for responding so quickly to my phone call. I will definitely be recommending your organisation to many of my parents at work who are feeling frustrated by the slow response times with the NHS route. 

From a Mum
Parent of a young girl

As well as the mental benefits, I would also go as far as saying ADHD and ADHD 360 combined have saved my life. When I was first diagnosed, I was overweight and my blood pressure was very high, I was unaware of this beforehand. With the aid of the medication and Lisa, I am slowly turning my health around and avoiding critical repercussions, such as strokes, heart disease and cardiac arrests, of which I would of been oblivious to, until I suffered the consequences of impulsiveness and a bad lifestyle. My partner has also noticed a huge difference in my behaviour since I have been on medication in a very positive way.

I would and have recommended anyone with suspected ADHD to contact ADHD 360.
My experience with them is amazing and I feel completely supported by them, even after being diagnosed. They couldn’t have done more for me. I feel getting assessed and diagnosed with ADHD was an investment in myself, and that is priceless. 

27 year old man